Monday, November 5, 2007

things i did this weekend...

  • pretended to be dr phill while listening to yolande and diener's arguments
    - was kinda good at it too!
  • got lost in very dodgy part of Pretoria West
  • rode elevators in hospital to keep myself entertained
  • smiled without any intention or even a hint of flirtation at a cute doctor
  • cleaned the flat and then got it all messy again
  • sorted the dirty washing into colour piles and then washed them all together anyway
  • went to a book sale and got some good novels all for under R50!
  • went to lunch with my sisters and after spending 15minutes deciding what to have i still thought their food looked yummier than mine
  • overslept and managed to piss off a 7month pregnant woman
    - in retrospect, that is a very dangerous thing to do
  • read a scary book and couldnt sleep because i was too creeped out to close my eyes
  • gave the dogs a bath
  • got rid of all the crap on stoep and cleaned it just in time for a storm to wreck all my hard work when i was done
  • somehow (miracle) got wayne to offer to help me clean the flat tonight.
    How did that happen?
  • Bought 2 great tops that make me look like a proffesional/well dressed/great sense of style/funky ass chick!
  • went to store and only bought what was on my list - personal triumph
  • kept imagining getting hi-jacked like brenda in office did
  • settled some debt
  • sorted out fine details of new job
  • bought bags full of fresh fruit we wont eat - but it looks so healthy!!
  • packed wayne lunch for work when all i wanted to do was go to bed
    (he ended up leaving it on kitchen counter and I had it for breakfast this morning)
  • managed to completely wreck my budget
  • looked mildly entertained at a club while sitting with my back to the wall hiding the rip in dress/top thingy all the way from hem to small of back
  • pretended to be sober going into cafe at 2 in the morning and very breezily greeted 4 cops standing outside having their coffee

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dis hier waar ek my hart verloor het en my moed weer gevind het...

dis hier waar ek my hart verloor het en my moed weer gevind het...

iets wat ek nooit sal erken nie:

party keer dink ek daar is 'n ander weergawe van myself wat wegkruip in die skadu's en sy gaan enige oomblik uitspring en vir my lag... 23/07/08

dinge wat my gellukig maak...

  • stap tot dit stil word om my
  • glasie wyn en goeie kos
  • organiseer en skedules maak
  • oplees en research doen oor random goed
  • om tafel sit en kuier met mari, yolande en mina
  • skryf
  • iets doen wat al my konsentrasie vat
  • in sonnietjie le en slaap
  • kos maak
  • ver ry
  • op bank le met goeie boek
  • by die huis wees