Thursday, November 22, 2007

"I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose."
- Woody Allen

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

saving the planet...

with everyone talking about green living i remembered "Captain Planet and the Planeteers"

I dont think I ever missed an episode!

So who are the modern day captain planets?
Al Gore?
LEo de Caprio giving his save the earth speech on OPrah?

Monday, November 19, 2007

christmas gift brainstorming...

Dae voor Kersfees: 35

Mense om voor kersgeskenke te kry die jaar:

Roelof - ??????
Amelia - Enige iets met Skulls op/Punk (kyk by Kitch en Cool)
Boetie - Robosapien (58679) Program-a-bot (54274)

Lara - Behoort nie te moeilik te wees nie. Sy is tog 2.
Klein Anton - Robosapien (58679) Program-a-bot (54274)

Mystery persoon (moet nog trek uit hoed) - ?????????????
Marga - Gaan kyk by ToysRus of Skryf storie in mooi boek
Chanel - Gaan kyk by ToysRus of Skryf storie in mooi boek

Kersfees Kaartjies vir al die ander!

Maar as geld nie 'n kwessie was nie:

I.O.U. - Canopy Tour for Two[AA013/B] PerKAl gifts:
Sometimes the best gift is the gift of time, a gift of company. But it s hard to put companionship in a box-until now. You can now promise time together in an addition to giving a tangible gift. Two of you will experience breathtaking views while swinging between trees high above the forest floor. Safely strapped into a harness you glide along steel cables between towering canopy platforms. Talk about the pleasure of going back to nature.

The ExperienceThe tour begins with a detailed safety briefing followed by a "kitting up" session where a full body harness, pulleys and climbing equipment is put on and safety-checked. You are set to gently glide along steel cables above the forest floor and enjoy the unequalled beauty.

Vital infoThis experience is for two people.
Minimum age is 7 and maximum is 70.
Anybody under the age of 21 years needs a guardian/parent s consent.
Not suitable for pregnant women and for people with recent back injuries.
The Weather: This is not a weather dependant activity and tours are conducted in all weather conditions.
Session Length:This experience will last approximately 3 hours.
Numbers:Numbers at the site may vary on the day.
Maximum people per group is 7.
Spectators:Spectators are welcome.
Dress code:Please dress comfortably, avoid skirts and dresses, bring a warm sweater or windbreaker. Wear comfortable shoes that will not slip off and end up at the forest floor. All other equipment will be supplied.
Availability:All our sites are open throughout the year, weekdays and weekends, generally with 2 weeks minimum notice required for bookings.
Other info:Anyone can take a canopy tour and you don t need any previous experience. All groups are escorted through the forest canopy by a guide to ensure your safety as you slide from tree to tree, and to explain the ecology of the lush forest. The bird life is incredible. Tour includes refreshments and all equipment.

Locations:Eastern Cape: Tsitsikamma Forest
KwaZulu-Natal: Karkloof Nature Reserve
Gauteng: Magaliesberg

Friday, November 16, 2007

Greg Iles - Turning Angel

Book review oor nuutste boek wat my uit die slaap hou...

Turning Angel marks the long-awaited return of Penn Cage, the lawyer hero of The Quiet Game, and introduces Drew Elliott, the highly respected doctor who saved Penn's life in a hiking accident when they were boys. As two of the most prominent citizens of Natchez, Drew and Penn sit on the school board of their alma mater, St. Stephen's Prep. When the nude body of a young female student is found near the Mississippi River, the entire community is shocked -- but no one more than Penn, who discovers that his best friend was entangled in a passionate relationship with the girl and may be accused of her murder.

On the surface, Kate Townsend seems the most unlikely murder victim imaginable. A star student and athlete, she'd been accepted to Harvard and carried the hope and pride of the town on her shoulders. But like her school and her town, Kate also had a secret life -- one about which her adult lover knew little. When Drew begs Penn to defend him, Penn allows his sense of obligation to override his instinct and agrees. Yet before he can begin, both men are drawn into a dangerous web of blackmail and violence. Drew reacts like anything but an innocent man, and Penn finds himself doubting his friend's motives and searching for a path out of harm's way.

More dangerous yet is Shad Johnson, the black district attorney whose dream is to send a rich white man to death row in Mississippi. At Shad's order, Drew is jailed, the police cease hunting Kate's killer, and Penn realizes that only by finding Kate's murderer himself can he save his friend's life.With his daughter's babysitter as his guide, Penn penetrates the secret world of St. Stephen's, a place that parents never see, where reality veers so radically from appearance that Penn risks losing his own moral compass.

St. Stephen's is a dark mirror of the adult world, one populated by steroid-crazed jocks, girls desperate for attention, jaded teens flirting with nihilism, and hidden among them all -- one true psychopath. It is Penn's journey into the heart of his alma mater that gives Turning Angel its hypnotic power, for on that journey he finds that the intersection of the adult and nearly adult worlds is a dangerous place indeed. By the time Penn arrives at the shattering truth behind Kate Townsend's death, his quiet Southern town will never be the same.

amazing huise...

A writer who pens his tomes at a Costa Rican retreat (above), which also stores his 16,000 books.

architect and IKEA-designer Olle Lundberg lives with his wife in a salvaged car ferry, found in Iceland and now tied to a pier in San Francisco.

Northern Californian cabin made of mostly reused materials.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Now that I have finally told my current employers that Im moving,
I can turn my attention to thoughts of my school.

Very excited to take over the nursery school.

Must brain storm on activities and fun ideas for kids!!!


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

death of innocence

not that I ever approved of them or played with them..
which might explain a few things, but
even though woman lib activist branded barbie as a cause
of eating disorders
(causes a unrealistic perception of what real woman look like)
i still prefer her to the bratz and myscene dolls that look like hookers!

im thinking of giving up meat?


its true.

you do.

you rock my socks!

youre all I need in the dark.

rainy sunday mornings wanted..

I want to walk in the rain splashing mud and water
jumping from puddle to puddle like we did when we were small!

I want umbrellas and wellies!!

Looking at these images make me miss the rain we had...

Hope it will cloud over and rain the whole weekend coming...

skiet gebedjie...

good response

Het nou net goeie kommentaar gekry oor storie wat ek gepublish het!
Baie happy!!!!
Was goeie opbouende kritiek.

En sal in toekoms onthou om spelling na te gaan!

wonder nou of ek moet reply en dankie se?

love these...

Monday, November 12, 2007

red eye tuesday...

got home at ten last night.
but did i go to sleep?


Spend whole night creating Mii's on the Wii of our friends and family.
Wasnt going to do it but but little Mii Wayne and little Mii Maritza looked so alone.
and then i paddled down a river on a book with a spoon for a good hour.

Will not let this happen again.
Must be strong person and not give in to
appeal of new technology.

Must clean flat and try to restore it to its previous state instead of what it is now
- a messy, tiny bit smelly, laundry bin with dishes piled up to the kitchen ceiling.

yes is wonderful that wayne cannot function without me!!!
six days without me there and he is a caveman!!


Jou stem het my op my tone gehou
terwyl ek versigtig voet voet op die dam muur loop
en dan voete hande land
op die stowwerige klip pad

Jou hande het my geleer
my fingers ‘n vurk
sous en vet wat oor my ken loop
by my nek afdrip

Jy was my gunsteling speletjie
my koppie stoof tee
sonder komberse het jy by my gebly
tot die son uit die grond op stoot

ek het jou naam geskryf in die sand...
en gekyk hoe jy kind word.

Al was ek verkeerd het jy vir my geskreeu
jou rug gehol vir my wegkruipplek
vas aan jou stukkende voorskoot
met sy verdofte blommietjies rand

Ek volg jou voetspore na die beesmus muurtjie
luister na jou tong se geluide
en loop tussen die rysmiere trug
na my huis wat nou iemand anders sin is

Ek wou vir jou ‘n gasstoof koop
‘n eveready vir die draadloos wat in jou venster praat
tussen lemoen dop kerse en groen seep reuk
maak jou oe my groot

vir jou sal ek al die jakkals bessies ruil

maar Soufie...

die tsotsi’s het jou kom steel.

the black crow..

“I think that bird is a spy” Rachel said as she closed the door of the cottage behind her.

“He’s been following me since I left the castle.”
Putting the cloth satchel down on the table Rachel took out the round loaf of bread that she traded in the market for their supper.

Ada looked up from the candles she was busy lighting, the ring of light it formed around her face made her look sad in the half darkness of the room.

“Did you remember the letter?”
“Jonah said that he would take it to the camps tomorrow, he has to deliver fresh supplies to the kings’ army and can get it through for us.”

Ada drew back the curtain and looked up at the red coral tree; the crow was still watching them, his beady eyes following the wisps of smoke coming up from the chimney rising into the dead sky.

They ate their supper in silence, not even trusting the walls with their secret, left the coals glaring in the fireplace to warm the room and climbed into the bed they had to share...

amazing home...

we we!

We got the Wii!!!

Lotsa fun! Stiff arms!

See myself spending too much time infront of TV.
(If I can get it away from Wayne long enough?!)

home stuff...

Hou baie van die eenvoudige houd bankie. Houd is tydloos,
warm en die bankie sal goed lyk in die spasie in my kop waar ek
aanhoudend besig is om 'n huis te decorate...

Die boek cover is baie goed gedoen...

Die het my herrinder aan daffodil bulbs wat ek iets mee moet doen.
Sal moet soek vir clear glass houer en dalk wit spoel klippies onder in?

Tafel napkins met 'n twist
(moet kry vir al daai dinner parties wat ek nog beplan in toekoms)

Om eerlik te wees as ek die in huis moet he gaan ek myself doodskrik elke keer
as ek om hoek loop - maar is nogal cool.

Just love this sign - bright and eye catching...

Thursday, November 8, 2007

nuwe boek op bedkassie...

dit reen weer in pretoria maar ek is nou voorbereid.
nuwe boek om te lees die week:

Michael Cox

en daar is 'n website vir boek waar plotte en karakters oor bespreek word.
gaan bietjie uitcheck as ek klaar gelees het.

en om my aandag af te trek van hoƫrskool kinders met gewere....

pragtig hoe die fotos geblok en afgewerk is...
dalk sal diener dit kan doen?

en gedagte vir die dag...

dis hier waar ek my hart verloor het en my moed weer gevind het...

dis hier waar ek my hart verloor het en my moed weer gevind het...

iets wat ek nooit sal erken nie:

party keer dink ek daar is 'n ander weergawe van myself wat wegkruip in die skadu's en sy gaan enige oomblik uitspring en vir my lag... 23/07/08

dinge wat my gellukig maak...

  • stap tot dit stil word om my
  • glasie wyn en goeie kos
  • organiseer en skedules maak
  • oplees en research doen oor random goed
  • om tafel sit en kuier met mari, yolande en mina
  • skryf
  • iets doen wat al my konsentrasie vat
  • in sonnietjie le en slaap
  • kos maak
  • ver ry
  • op bank le met goeie boek
  • by die huis wees