Wednesday, November 7, 2007

oh no!!! a borat book

Why??? WHY???


why would anyone let him publish a book?
as if the movie wasnt bad enough?
(yes im still in shock but mildly amused)

Here it is : the book review.

High five! Borat is back 07/11/2007 11:18 - (SA)

New York - Borat, the fictional Kazakh reporter who caused a diplomatic stir with his movie adventures in the United States, is back - with a guide book to "the glorious nation of Kazakhstan" and "minor nation of US and A".
Borat Sagdiyev, a clueless and offensive journalist created by British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, made television and movie audiences laugh and cringe but angered the government of Kazakhstan for portraying the former Soviet country as misogynistic, anti-Semitic and backward.
The character continued in the same vein in a question and answer interview with Reuters via e-mail as the book was released in the United States and Canada this week:

Which country to do you prefer - Kazakhstan or the USA?

"I very much preferring Kazakhstan - it nicest place in the world! Please, you must look on my guidings book and then come visit. Bring your whole family and stay at Astana Funworld Resort - it have beautiful beaches, almost totally free of landmines and the sea is guarantee to have no jellyfish, shark, or any other marine life."

Which people are smarter?

"Kazakh peoples is definite has more powerful brains. Government scientist, Dr Yamak have prove that our glorious leader, Premier Nazarbamshev have IQ of 412 and a brain that extend into most of his chest - it no surprise that he have never fail in complete any jigsaw puzzle. Since 93 percent of Kazakh people is direct relate to him within 3 generations, rest of population also shares this great intellects."

What advice do you have for people traveling around the United States?

"My book contains many useful informations for Kazakh peoples traveling to US and A - for example, best places to photograph ladies without their knowledge, location of Grand Canyons if you need place to dispose of a wife and location of Kazakh Embassy and where to go if you want to shoot a Redindians."

When can people expect to see you in Kazakhstan again?

"I already in Kazakhstan, living very happilys with my new wife. This morning, I was awoke by my clock-radio (electronic LED), after which I remove my wife from her cage and she make me delicious breakfast of western cereal 'Frosties', which I have with delicious fresh milk from her chests. I then attach her to her plough and send her into the fields before returning to my bed until she come back at luchtimes to feed me again. Life is very nice for us."

Who do you favour for President in the United States?

"I cannot believe that it possible a woman can become Premier of US and A - in Kazakhstan, we say that to give a woman power, is like to give a monkey a gun - very dangerous. We do not give monkeys guns any more in Kazakhstan ever since the Astana Zoo massacre of 2003 when Torkin the orang-utan shoot 17 schoolchildrens. I personal would like the basketball player, Barak Obamas to be Premier."

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dis hier waar ek my hart verloor het en my moed weer gevind het...

dis hier waar ek my hart verloor het en my moed weer gevind het...

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